BarCamp Miami Memories and Recap

BarCamp Miami came and went but the memories remain excellent.

Before talking about the event, though, a very well deserved round of gratitude is due:

So how did the event go? Douglas Hanks from The Miami Herald wrote about us in the Business section:

So it goes at BarCamp, a sort of viral convention with no schedule, featured speakers, or agenda until the attendees themselves create one. For South Florida's first BarCamp, organizer Alex de Carvalho posted a notice on blogs he and his friends run, as well as a collaborative ''wiki'' Web page dedicated to BarCamps held around the world.

And from this "viral" word of mouth, about  60 people showed up.  The format of BarCamp is "open-source" in the sense that anyone can present and indeed everyone is encouraged to participate. We had three areas with projectors and four time slots to present, and of these twelve slots, 11 got filled in:

  1. Mike Gibaldi talked about's new "social media" and search engine optimized press release offering
  2. Michael Froomkin presented the security and privacy challenges of getting municipal wi-fi in Miami-Dade. Now's the time to get involved to avoid restrictions on your access to wi-fi!
  3. Ruben Duque created digital graffiti with a laser pointer!
  4. David Hoff drove from Naples to present IMified, which helps you manage everything through your IM client (and then he drove back!)
  5. The Calleiro brothers demoed
  6. Leonard Boord presented The Gorb reputation manager
  7. Nick Dominguez and Ant Bryan spoke about an enhanced download standard for bittorrent, metalink
  8. Donald Llopis presented python and pygame for rapid prototyping of video games
  9. Caleb Elston spoke about, which helps busy college students buy their snacks
  10. Tim Hoyt showed us while Cortney Mills took our pictures
  11. I gave a live demo of We offer a rich, enhanced photo and video sharing experience and will launch in three weeks

Update: Blaine Zuver presented as well. He spoke about ArcticTropic Blog and Metroblogging Miami

Besides the presenters listed above and people mentioned earlier, I also met and spoke to Benjamin Li, Jason L. Baptiste, Francisco Martin, Maria de los Angeles Lemus, Danay, Jackie Paz, Caleb Elston, Blaine Zuver, Denise R. Jacobs, Jorge Barroso and Eduardo Henriques.

We are also grateful that some venture capitalists showed up, including from Longworth, Aurora Ventures and H.I.G. This is very reassuring and I hope we'll see you participate in future events.

What's next? We hope to do another BarCamp soon. How soon? It's up to you. And who's "we"? It could be anyone. BarCamps can be run on any theme and anyone can take the initiative. And if anyone would like to do another BarCamp Miami on web/tech/design, please do so. The BarCamp wiki is open to all and the BarCampMiami blog is open to more authors.

We would also like to create a more formal conference, called Why more formal? Because we would like to have speakers from across the US, from Europe and from Latin America present, and when you fly in people and pay for their hotels, you need to ensure attendance, cover your costs and provide your speakers with a forum.

Which brings us back to running a BarCamp. The experience is exhilarating and there is a definite adrenalin rush to organizing one, and it stays in your system. Why? Because after all the preparation, you really don't know if anyone is going to show up ... and BarCamps are all about people.

And everyone that showed up have each other to thank for making the event so enjoyable.

See you soon, I hope!

Here are some links:

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Blogging at We Media Miami

We Media - Alex
We Media - Alex,
originally uploaded by hyku.

The We Media conference started today and I'll be live blogging the event this afternoon at the We Media blog. The event will also be webcast live here.

Also check Josh Hallett's posts on Hyku and Jeremiah Owyang

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Blogger dinner Miami filling up

Looks like we'll have a rockin' blogger dinner in Miami on Feb. 7th at Town and it'll be great to meet locals as well those traveling here for the We Media conference. There are only a few places left, if you'd like to sign up (for this dinner I'm helping organize).

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one of 2000 bloggers


Here's a cutout from a linked pictorial of 2000 bloggers. There I am, towards the left, circled. And there's my Danish friend Henriette Webber, where the red arrow points.

These are 2000 random bloggers who signed up to appear with their pictures. It includes A-, B- and C-list bloggers. Of course, most of the other people I recognize are A-listers and they appear near the top of the list, meaning they were first to sign up.

So do A-listers get wind of such memes first? Or is it because a couple of A-listers decided to sign up for this that this became a meme in the first place? How many B- and C-list bloggers passed by this page without signing up until some better know blogger did (and blogged it)?

I would like to see the distribution of bloggers who joined this effort according to the their Technorati rank. And talking about rank, besides appearing next to a very smiley crowd, this project has dramatically improved the rank of participants. By the time Brian issued his mini-blog challenge, my rank was already shooting up.

There's a separate question in here about what made A-listers sign up for this pictorial in the first place?

If you want to see the rest of the pictorial with links to each blogger, click below; but it may take a long time to load.

2000 Bloggers
What Is This???Tino BunticHeather ArmstrongKyle MacDonaldMichael PriceChris KnightAndrew WeeLarry HnetkaDanah BoydKloudiiaRoss MayfieldPhil PlaitPhil GerbyshakThingamyRoss RebagliatiSteven D. LevittJeremy SchoemakerBenjamin FittsThat Dude JeffAmber MacAlister CameronFrank GruberCharles SterlingAndy NulmanChristine KaneJanet MeinersJesse SkinnerBen YoskovitzJordanBen McConnellBrian GardnerLarry LyonsLefeverLee HopkinsVisconde Carlo VergaraZach KatkinChaseMarshmallowTom AsackerDustin StaigerRosie O'DonnellDonald TrumpHoward LindzonBrooke The Med StudentChris RichardsonBrad VanAukenKris JonesJim KukralLady AzurtTom EllisMike SansoneJonathan NailSandyAnthony BaggettStefanie SigurdsonRaphael GilmasKelly MonneySean HowardZoli ErdosSara NoelEmagisKristen KingPhilippe CherelIan SeffermanRonald LewisShane NickersonMichele CoreyAlex PapaKristal KraftMattKintan BrahmbhattBryan CovingtonAditya KothadiyaTony TeegardenSarah E EndlineJoshua DziabakGerard RasochaCurt RosengrenD-NiceHannahRajesh SettyLow Hang WeiJoyce WycoffAngie BrennanStephanie SmythJenniferLamillingerBlog BlokeChris CactusJanet TokerudKirsten HarrelH Webb JrGlen AllemanTanya LocaJim CahillTaniaJeff BarrDaria Radota RasmussenWillem KarssenbergJonathanSteve MillerRoger L. SimonJay BarnesR HaileyLoïc Le MeurVinnie MirchandaniDon ParkDan BricklinJay CrossGrigorRamana RaoWard CunninghamJeremy JacobsJoe DunbarHenri KaufmanBo GilbertJamie LouiseGordon ChoiAmitTishaThomas CliffordBenjamin GautheyDoc SearlsZach LynchElizabeth Lane LawleyPierre OmidyarDenham GreyThis ChickStewart ButterfieldTricia WangScott MaceAnil DashEdward VielmettiMark CubanNeville MedhoraRick SpenceTrishOliviaYaro StarakRobert ScobleDan MarquesDane CarlsonVirginia PostrelRon AmelnMargaret ChoSonia BlancoMatt CuttsJeremiah OwyangMike LopezChris PirilloDouglas KarrMikeLeaJennMaggie LienRobWilliam SlawskiCristian MezeiOmisscoJeremy ZawodnyPaul BruemmerDevil in disguiseTinaJake McKeeBarbara CorcoranKarl LongLucyJeff WissKaren SamsMichelle MalkinRyan ChuaMayor's MotherKarenDoggyS MullisEric AshfordDorothy WaltersHelen SmithNeo-NeoconCriminally VulgarJeff KogaElayne RiggsJay - The Real Estate GuyChris HouchensNatalie BennettChris SandbergKwangDarren RowseScott ClarkClaudia EcoganClaudia RosettClaudiaShawn WaiteAJHidden PersuaderDino RizzoMiss CellaniaPeterKen FergusonGazzaCC ChapmanAngeliskaToddTommy SpoonBob ParsonsBilly CalderwoodVernon SingletonDavidLisa AlexanderRikki ArundelBen LynchJames RayKelvin ChoDan-DanAndrewAntonia AzerbicSimon PhippsJenny RyanAka MontyJaneneMary BrownEnrique DansWendy MaynardTom PalmerGreg MillerLizzaRen KatFilipBill NadraszkyNataliaJohn ChowFrank PatrickARDELL DellaLoggiaAlex StenbackJason UngosGuy KawasakiDave BriggsJenLoTeenaRandy ThomasRaymi LaurenSaskBoyDarren McEwanRose DesrochersGillian GunsonIrisBlaine KendallAlynnaChief Happiness OfficerNeuro PhilosopherStephanie ChandlerSeth GodinYvonne PerrySummer HoganShawn hoganDaxAlex KingMelvin RiveraJohn MaedaShin'ichi KonomiNeil KramerChristinaKaitZelmarqShane GibsonCourtney ElizabethBrian CarrollJackie Huba Stephanie WeaverDan McCombSteven NovakYolieEdgar HDanDavid MaisterJackie DanickiJackie KesslerCraig MurrayAlberto PrechtAbiFrank RumbauskasDavid FriedmanAndrea LearnedSchawoTara PakostaMs MartiDan RubinDavid BeachTammy Breigh CanavanJazz ManEthan KaplanEthan PersoffTony MacdonellLaurent-GloaguenEva GregoryStephan SpencerColine NiessMelinda WennerSiapa KamiShel HoltzNate KartchnerChris GarrettDaniel Franklin GomezReviewerBergieSara CantorAndy PiperSunny DurbzFauziahGreg MearesLiz HenryGreg LindenMariannaBanzai BillChris RoseKatie FleckB. RoxLatin TeacherTimPaul DavidsonEl CowboyMike VillarJoe DuckSassy SarahJoel PeetGreg ShortBrett Laffin A. Fatih SyuhudDr. Neill NeillDave ToCarolyn ShelbyJaimie SirovichJonathanQuinn's MomMaggie MasonHelen JaneGabriel SerafiniKristin Joy Pratt-SerafiniChris HayesGeorgina WilsonColleenDrewSRSteve SherlockKatieGonzagueStephanie West AllenStephanie West AllenDerrick DayeMichelle GoldenKammieDr. Lorianne DiSabatoJessica ClaireRexMatthew YglesiasDennis The PeasantJodee BockMelvin LuzardoDaveRoberto ArancibiaAmber SkolnickPhil GomesDustin SacksDonald CrowdisHeather HamiltonRachael ParentaSvetlana PetrovnaJackieJamie OliverVoyageurKatie Allison GranjuGlenn FullerSusan A. KitchensHollee DazeinkFleaFast LadEricAndrew MauryJeff KerrAngelaJack YoestBill WhittleBobbyAnnJonathan AquinoBuzz BruggemanJen CollinsJuan ColeBrett LambChristine ForgioneJonathan Dalton & TobyJazzMike ParsonsTom PetersVince FirpoKerry WooJoseph ZittRon FSunil ShibadRichard A. CookCynthia McKennaEd BottEd LeeJeff WeintraubKatherineKatherineKatieFred ZeldersMuhammad AladdinChristoph C. CemperDaniel LindbergBugJeremiahMelanieKenny SiaDmitry & MaureenSandraDaveBob GlazaLethaTim DraayerGadgetsGuyPudJosephinaRick BarronBorn 2 BlogRenny Bakke AmundsenJosePreeti PSteve HarperKarlynJeremiah GrossmanJenny RyanShelagh WatkinsShelagh WatkinsNickAndyJohn A. MacDonaldJamesKumikoHartRobynKnitting MamaJeremiah OwyangRealtorFran & RowenaDavidBecky TrouttKaren RaniJoseph FerraraC. B. WhittemoreTodd AndScott HendisonSteve PolandDanny SullivanNik CubrilovicSteve MatthewsGeorge AthannassovAkwasi AdjeiJohn WagnerMary SchmidtRobertaHee-HawRobTerris McMahanChristopherEveryday GoddessMichael KleefBernard ChanFrank GumolaTish GrierSean AlexanderGreg NichollsG. Cornelius HarrisKimCourtneyBruce SchneierBruce EckelDr Frank GerhardtRachel BarenblatCarla RolfeRon McDanielNadineLisa DunnColleenShawn AnthonyCC ChapmanHans BastiaanMike Van HoenselaarElizabethJackieRon AresKaroliKrishna KumarLarry KragunHans MestrumBill KinnonRichard BallJay BryantClaudia CastroJames McGovernJT ChandlerLizLeanneBrian BradyCliffordMuhammad SaleemJimmyRob BushwayDamon PaceStephanieRachelJesBecciSandyDebbieMr AlthouseCarmi LevyTishaKris KraftThom SingerBarbaraJessica HughesDenise WakemanAbehapBad IvyMikeTodd BiskeCord SilversteinSchmutzieUrban MotivatorLeonard ChenRory SullivanClaire Rachael PittMohd Sham SaimanGabriellePaikiaJeremy JacobsElkeBillDTLester SeahChateauJim DuncanIpanemaChris BrownAnn CummingsStormy SleepJP ShermanChris KastenChristian BuschPearlPinskySteve DaltonLex LuthorGattinaGena RiedeMike PerryMaureen McCabeBrad NixErno HanninkFleur de LisaJenniferTeresa BoardmanChip GriffinMichael ParekhNanczeIan HealyKateClo WillaertsMelissa ShannonBrendaNikinposEddie DarozaDanilo BogdanovicCraig SchillerNick YoungAmanda BritBonnie EricksonBored DadMike HelmsKarin HoghLindseyMike McBrideTonNetDrew MeyersChristopher SmithStephen CollinsJack YanJeff RisleyJanie Hickok Siess, Esq.Leon RobinsonMargaret FeinbergLeon BrooksBill NadraszkyMatildakaySusannah ARob HumphreysKim CavanaughDave BarryOscar CorralRhonda PorterConnie GreenLuis SuarezRex DixonAmy GahranPainter GirlKarlaColinSlice Of PinkRebeccaJ David MacorRandy DrisgillMarlow HarrisMarlow HarrisRobJoerg WeisnerMustangSam MooneyMichael BuckleyTasra DawsonOutiRed Dirt RoadDariana DonovanOurielWorking GirlSerraShariMartin StallJim CroninAsian TomNavilynBill WilliamsAnnKathleen GageKris BarkwayMrs. Mary AtkinsGay CampbellWendy PhillisAlison NancyeLissa MaloneySteve RoeslerDavid CantonAdam SchultzLaShawnVictor de la FuenteDaniel ScoccoLisa RisagerHeidiPhoenixDawud MiracleHugoDKTrine-MariaJames HaftTabathaUseless ManMelissa AnthonyAmit AgarwalAndy MachtPaulaConnie ReeceIlan AbehasseraSpace decoratorNorm FisherRyan VeltingTonyTricia JumonvilleLarry CragunIgnacio ChehadeBeatrice TarkaRocioDena Stevens, Ecobroker, CSPDeezeeAndrei RoscaDanetteBob RankinNick O'NeillMin Jung KimRandy CassinghamCristian EslavaTony ArkoRonni BennettHeiress of NinKikiChantelSuzanneSionaGeordie RomerLeo NotenboomDon Fabrizio-GarciaTamar WeinbergCatalinDianaAndre SugaiIbrahim CesarJoergElena ThurstonChristianDeborah BurnsFilip LepusiascorpEd ReifKonnieMónica OizumiLinda DavisLeeBake TownPaula Neal MooneyLiam BaldwinNettie HartstockKeelyStuart HughesEarl MardleKen BrandKev GibbonsVictor Vahe KevorkianNickiNickie SnyderAnn HandleyRon ChaliceScott FishDaniel RNorma NewgentAlmoro Las CondesShashIan-Ivy du BoisAllison ReynoldsAlka AzucarPat KitanoWhimspirationMikeJonathan FarringtonKrishna DeLucky SnapJim LeeUnique Gifts OnlineJohn Novak - A Guy From Las Vegas... We Just Had To Include A Guy From Vegas!!!Gala DarlingKelvin ChoGjoleJasmine CheeAndrésHoney MeowKammeretColleenJas ChocolateMaria PastoraSteveAmandaInahinuTomas BradanovicHanan CohenKami HuyseAlvaroYoshiMaggie KnowlesDudibobJ SchulpDeborah NgTiger PrrKatieKrzysztof OsinskiBogdan LebuRodríguezTravis WissinkHollyMohd Safri SaimanAlpha BitchTonyaGrumpy MattBondJeff TurnerMielus AlexandruKim PriestapMichael J StammerDebi BraulikJim GustafsonChuck SmithLaurie MannyFranciovGordonPage ManPeter AndreasRomainJE AyalaPaul MaiorMelGabe Mirkin, M.D.LadonnaPatrickElvinRamón CañasAlvinEast CoastMarthaKristynDesert SongbirdJaniceJustin TadlockJeff HerringKim ElmoseJoachimJessica SolerDavid LawrenceMarius MuscaluDavid CarlsonEvanThomas, AKA The BossKristian KristensenTom RafteryElanaBert Van WassenhoveChristoffer GrannsCikgu AzleenEmily GoodwinThomas HolmesbeologenTurnbabyPaul BrowneNils KoenigVeronChrisWalter LimAzlan KasimThe LilyGina DoughertyCindyMopaLorena SáezGrapplicaWeb Stuff ScanEdSam JacksonSamChristian Buch IversenIlker YodasJuhaMatt KeeganUros HohkravtPeter MullisonMissy CaulkMouseJack SpirkoChris MoodyJenmomof4TerenceDonnieCharlieJuan Eduardo GalleguillosPaul & JessTechnabobRoger CarrDes WalshJeff BurkettTom PaineTobyJozJozJozTerry NgMissy Brown EyesThomas Watson SteenNenAAngelaKristelChristine Louise HohlbaumTaniaDragos RouaJonas DiegoAldian PrakosoSuzanneMonarchRobSally GreenAdam AustraliaJames CherkoffclaudinhoHillaryGeraldAngelicaNick RiceLi EvansRoyDiego GajardoAkhilKatie BairdJasonEdward WillettNicola MattinaElizabethMichael EisenbergJohn TanJerold & Terry SmithRoberto IglesiasColleenGary CarsonIan GreyFleaShawn CollinsNancy WhiteJohn StodderBrett TroutNedra WeinreichStefanDebbyGeorge and Alex MielusCarlos Cortés SegoviaRandom EncountersClaudia GonellaJonathan GreeneJerrold LitwinenkoKariannaMichele CoreySuzie CheelJorge CaceresThis Girl's Name Is KateRossHockNatRandy SmytheJohn HollandDonald LatumahinaEric OdomRob EdgerPieter DorsmanTonyMikalBinary BlondeJJ IgnacioJetsetting JulesBill VickJoni JontorJason StoneAde MagnayeAndre ScholtenSusanRichJessica DawnRobyn McMasterNikNikJoseph JaffeJoseph JaffeJames OmdahlAdriaan VerstijnenOld DudeMargaret RomeDomDaniel Johnson JrBetsy WeberGeno PetroChris GriffithJane doughnutChristopher S. 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Long Island DadVanessa Woodward ByersLawyer MamaHththLisaMaureen FrancisManic MomMarcus SonstebyEdmondVothMuch More Than A MomMikeGreg LadenChris BroganMiguelEricDan OhlerkingMark DoerschlagMoon TopplesBiker BettyMs SmackRod ThomasClayton LoweGautam ParabTom AkinsAlex BadalicIndia, The Hippie ChickMouaVincenteDisembeddedKenneth Ley MillingWayneSimonne MatthewLost CheerioGwenEmielJill PyleSandra MillerKMCBaoRoberto (Italian Blogger)Kim IsaacskjamaupinCraigKen HudsonTom HlavacBill TaiTLCMiachelleThe ThinkerMammaCherylMelissa R. GarrettDawn & FamilyLady AevalTinuDr BlogsteinLyndonJaypeeJill MillerJane ChinAndiRebecca BKaranaDiane PennaGracioNevinJean-FrancoisDave AllenDan YorkGary & ValMurleyFaithMrs ChickenMarkNutty MummyMark PartonNeilaThe Medium SwedePaull YoungJennifer LawsonBrian Dan KearnsGrim Reality GirlKontrolpigenDavid ArmanoSean HowardGale MartinNoor Azman Othman GBEBeth GoJoPandaFrank RocheMark ManganoGreg believes bloggers make for a good looking crowd!Steve DavisJaysonLindaQueen Of The MayhemAnji BeeMD ShaffirKyle BeaboBBSMark GorenCollin DoumaLexa RoséanLisa Marcucci, MDAnjaYoruDopplerBelleLewisLivGobala KrishnanKimKIPJohn PozadzidesTonyOttoEric LitzlerSallyRush NigutAmit AgarwalChris WordenFreeman HuntShannonVanessaRoot ChaiVincentSimon WakemanCyrille ChaudoitMiguel MembradoJeremie MoritzMichelleCedric (The French People Are Coming!)Laura VanderhyeJohn HowardMontegue BlisterTravis WrightLisbethCarolineSylvainEmmanuel BrunetSamLaurentMorten FrederiksenBob GilbreathGiorgos KontopoulosFrancois GossieauxRobert KingstonShe WeevilL'il EIsabel LlantenJ2SElla MRichard GalbraithGregThe Frech MackerMarco BertoliAmandaMichael SyncBrieSharon Hurley HallPolski BloggerMax KalehoffJenny RyanJeff CoryellJamey ShielsAysoonRob In DenverJim SymoxPegSolo MotherJulia BuckleyCybercarnetOliver DooleyAdrian SoareVic HoltremanJake OlsonNiteshMarkKarinGalJimboTopChampChaikaYoel.Ben-AvrahamIzzyMatt-ManJuan Carlos LabbéAlan De KeyrelRichieHenriette WeberPete PrestipinoMartiMari GayleAnndiVeroniquePaul MaiorLukyTwo KnivesSarahNutmegNineStevenMatt GardnerAllergic MomVeronica HarbertPatriciaClaudia SnowdenGiraffeBanlieusardisesVincent ChowLorhkanAntoinePatriciaChris RawlinsonIbrahim Ali FaourAllyChalutzGraemeGailMicaTerryFrank SirianniDodongDave HillAaron GreenbergerJulie ClawsonJimmiJohn HarperDevon RowcliffeLuca FighedduAsh SrivastavaErwanTerry TaylorScott JEd MillerElaine VigneaultBlogpondSamNicholas DavidAlexKevinMariMarios AlexandrouVirtual LoriSEO FreakHeather from beautiful BCJuno WalkerBeccaAbhilashMark K. 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2000 Bloggers

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blogger dinner in miami


According to Manola and Rick (in  the comments), there have a couple of attempts last year to bring local Miami bloggers together for a dinner.

For some reason, it seems like the geek dinners had a disappointing turnout, despite the free wine. Maybe it's because the first one was called "Le Geek c'est chic" and you had to dress all in white for it ... and the second one was to watch the last episode of the Apprentice? There may have been another attempt, at Tobacco Road, not sure.

Be that as it may, Scrapblog, where I work, is organizing (but not hosting) a dinner, for bloggers ... yes, in Miami, down by Sunset. Most of the attendees are from out of town and have arrived for the We Media conference (discount code here). There are only a few places left, if you'd like to come.


Oh, and there may even be some local bloggers there ... But we won't mention that :)

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Check out the redesigned site, which I co-author. Brian Breslin and Antonio Garcia made a visually striking, outstanding design. It's a three-column layout with a fourth column for the tagline, running vertically up and down the left side. Despite all the columns, the site does not feel busy and the main content column became more readable than under the old design, which wasn't bad but still had a conventional feel.

Brian uploaded a year's worth of posts from his webimpressario blog and pointed the domain to, which immediately brought up the Google pagerank to a cool 4. The Technorati rank also shot up by half a million in a couple of days, after the changes.

As Webplus finds its way, there may be more changes, including get-togethers, new events and local workshops. In the meantime, is hosting the BarcampMiami site, which will be held on February 21st at the UM School of Communications (I'm helping to organize this event).

Brian, along with Kim Grinfeder, Nick Dominguez, Carlos Garcia (with whom I work), Monica Betancourt, among others, have done so much to highlight and encourage the web/tech in Miami and I expect I'll be talking much more about them and related upcoming events in Miami, of which there are many.

My, how things have changed from this time last year ... !

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What's wrong with PR?

Refreshmiamilogo Geektastik Monica Betancourt, Technology Geek for the Max Borges Agency, will speak about "PR 2.0" for RefreshMiami and the UM PRSSA at what promises to be a well-attended event at the UM SoC Common Grounds Courtyard.

Don't know what's wrong with PR? Then please read Stowe Boyd's great rant on PR in "Enough Already: Getting Social Media All Wrong":

  • Please, please, please don't talk about audiences when you are theoretically promoting social media.
  • Blogging is not just another channel for corporate marketing types to push their messages to markets, eyballs, or audiences.
  • the excessive hyperbole and surfeit of superlatives of press releases is distasteful at the least, and demeaning at the most.
  • And it's painful to see leading lights in the new PR era acting as apologists for large, slow-moving, risk averse companies who continue to get it wrong.
  • School your clients to do the right thing, not just wrap themselves in a bunch of psychobabble about social interaction with their "communities" without actually adopting a new mindset.

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post cluetrain
post cluetrain,
originally uploaded by alexdecarvalho.

Signed by Hugh!

Unfortunately I missed the event but a friend came back with this signed t-shirt. Love it. Thanks, Hugh!

And no, I won't sell it on eBay.

Update from Andrew, who together with Andreas and Torben kindly got this t-shirt signed for me: "I'm a big Hugh fan too - but had never met him before. Seems like a great guy (we had a beer with him and Ross Mayfield on the last day of the conference)".

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Holiday Greetings

Alex_scrapblogI would like to wish a very happy holiday season to friends who have shared moments with me as well as to those who I don't know but who have stopped by to read from this blog or who have subscribed to my feeds.

Here's a holiday greeting message I've prepared with Carlos Garcia's great Scrapblog application.

May 2007 bring you a step closer to your dreams.

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VideoEgg publisher for TypePad

I've uploaded a video with highlights from my vacation in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year by way of  testing VideoEgg's Beta vlogging service for TypePad, accessible at

It really couldn't be any easier than this. The video publisher sits right above the Typepad text publisher and works after downloading and installing a light plugin (380kb). The publisher   uploads videos from the hard drive but also detects camcorders and webcams.  Videos can also be sent from a mobile device to an email address, with an SMS validation process.

And what does it cost? Nada-Zilch-Nothing, but VideoEgg reserves the right to add advertising to videos:

Free storage, free bandwidth  whats the catch?

This feature preview is provided free of charge, but at some point in the future VideoEgg may introduce advertising to support the video content you upload during this preview. Before that happens, we promise that you will have the opportunity to support your content ad-free through a subscription service at VideoEgg.Com. You can also choose to remove it from the system. To receive an email notification from SixApart when ads are on the way, check the "notify me before placing ads on this content" box on the posting page. VideoEgg will not have access to your email address at any time.

Via Ton Ziljstra.

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