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On the surrender of a beloved Mac

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I'm giving back my Mac today.

The contract unequivocally requires property to be returned and so it is that I'm giving the Mac back at some point today. Mind you, about six months ago I'd never used a Mac before and the almost prohibitive price had always kept me at bay. I was the proverbial die-hard PC guy. So when I was offered the Mac -- after I'd burned through one and a half of my own personal PCs at work -- I gladly accepted it out of sheer curiosity.

In the six months since I've had this Mac, I've turned on my PC exactly two times; and both times, it was to try out PC-only software. Suffice it to say the MacBook Pro is sublime. What's not to like? Once you get past the stuff that works differently, you won't imagine how you ever worked on anything else. I think this applies to more than the creative professions: the Mac has not really improved my photography workflow. Rather, I feel like my productivity's been boosted across the board. Maybe it's the more logical OS and UI (and I prefer Tiger to Leopard). Maybe it's because it crashes much less frequently. Maybe it's because you can have close to a gazillion tabs open of Firefox and a bunch of other stuff running at the same time and everything still works. Maybe it's the 3 hour battery life. And maybe it's also "Spaces". The combination of these things and more made it a pleasure to open up the Mac in the morning.

As a quick sidenote, I've often heard it said that Mac would convert most PC users if they gave 30-day trials.

Besides the obvious reluctance of going back to a Vista machine (ie, "Once you go Mac, you can't go back", etc.), I'm now also faced with the time-consuming hassle involved in setting up a workflow that had been perfected on the Mac. Some of it relates to the time it takes to find and install the right extensions for Firefox. Part of it has to do with giving up software that exists only for Mac, like the excellent Skitch. And the other part has to do with software that I had bought and installed, like OmniFocus, and will be unable to use until I get another Mac.

So when will I get another Mac? As soon as I can ... and utimately, a brand new Mac trumps a depreciated one.

"... you've left me with nothing but I have worked with less.” -Ani Difranco.

Update: My PC laptop won't start for some reason, I'll have to get that fixed now and maybe reinstall Vista. I'll lose a bunch of nice software I had installed, though.

Update 2:
I got a new MacBook, which is performing better than the MacBook Pro I was using. Maybe it's the clean install. I had considered getting a 20" iMac -- they're amazing -- but I really do need something mobile. The MacBook is even more convenient to carry around than the MacBook Pro.

Note: It's worth clarifying that I'm not associated with Apple or any distributor. Also, I realize in the relative scheme of things, there are many worse things ...

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as you say....
"I'd never used a Mac before and the almost prohibitive price had always kept me at bay. I was the proverbial die-hard PC guy."

where've you been - i guess with all that twittering and stumbling, mobiling and conferencing it didn't leave you any time.

interesting to me is that you continue to advance this notion that macs are more expensive - not if apples to apples are compared - heh heh so to speak. interesting also is the die-hard pc guy admission - obvious to any of us that actually have used more than one computer in our careers is those of you that haven't tend to be pc guys.

a sneaking suspicion i have is many die-hard pcers want to join the high priests of technology - those of us who back in the day could apply a software patch thru the front panel of a micro encoded in octal or even better sprinkle iron filings on a piece of magnetic tape then put scotch tape on it, lift it off and decode the ebcdic....hey now we're talking geek

Posted by: jim c | May 21, 2008 6:18:09 AM

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