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Tastytag's bits of delicious

Tastytag Less than a week after Webreakstuff posted about the tags people had used to categorize them on del.icio.us, Brian of webpl.us has created a tool to allow anyone to do the same.

Tastytag.com uses the del.icio.us API to fetch the top ten tags people have used to categorize any URL.

This is similar to the Strategy Canvas, by Professors Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, faculty at Insead. According to them, "The first step in developing a strategy canvas is to identify the factors that affect competition within your industry." Except with Tastytag, your users tell you what they value and how they perceive your brand.

There's a difference in author-tagging, compared to user-tagging, and unfortunately, people may not perceive us the way we want them to, despite the effort and money spent on branding, advertising and PR.  As Chris points out here and here (see also this):

A certain level of trust about the content of an article can be established when others tag a souce. This is not possible when relying on the author alone.

Stewart Butterfiled makes a similar point about tagging photos on Flickr:

First, going back to the del.icio.us comparison for a second, we were definitely directly inspired by del.icio.us. There's an interesting difference, though: because people are adding URLs to del.icio.us, and many people can add the same URL, you end up with multiple ways of tagging the same thing--different people's vocabulary for the same item. On the other hand, each photo a user uploads to Flickr is unique and belongs to them; however, more than one person can tag it. (For people who have large personal networks in Flickr, they definitely find that they upload a photo and go to sleep, and in the morning there are tags all over it.)

Anyway, try it out and if you find some fun searches, please let me know.

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