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The Cluetrain, The Hughtrain, and Les Blogs at the French Senate

Gapingvoidsurvive_2Link: Hugh McLeod at gapingvoid.

For every mid-level managing job opening up, there's scores of people willing and able. For every company needing to hire an ad agency or design firm, there's dozens out there, willing and able. For every person wanting to buy a new car, there's tons of car makers and dealers out there. I could [go] on and on .... I could also go on about how many good people I know are caught in oversupplied markets, and how every day they wake up, feeling chilled to the bone with dread and unease. Advertising and media folk are classic examples.

Lesblogspariss1Well, sometimes living in a big city has its advantages. For instance, being around for the upcoming Les Blogs conference at the French Senate, which promises to be outsanding. The day-long event features a distinguished panel, including Joi Ito, CEO, Neoteny; Caterina Fake, co-founder, Flickr, which just got acquired by Yahoo; Meg Hourihan, co-founder, Blogger; Dave Sifry, founder, Technorati; Ross Mayfield, CEO & co-founder, Socialtext; Gaby Darbyshire, from “Gawker Media”; Jason McCabe Calacanis from WeblogsInc; Stowe Boyd, President, “Corante”; Halley Suitt from Worthwhile Magazine and author of Halleyscomment; Doc Searls - Senior Editor, Linux Journal, proprietor, IT Garage and co-author of the required reading book, The Cluetrain Manifesto; Michael Breidenbrücker, U.K., co-founder Last FM; and Yossi Vardi, founder, ICQ, not to mention the 220+ confirmed participants, listed here.

Link: What is this event ?

Within the last few months, the Internet as we know it has started to change very fast, taken by storm by blogs and social software ... I [Loic le Meur] decided to organise [an] event ... to help us better define what's coming next, with a dream panel of the key movers and shakers in the world .... It is a one day and (probably) one evening event on Monday, April 25th ...

Hugh McLeod (illustration above), author of The Hughtrain and Gallieni will be on stage drawing their live impressions of the event. As of this posting, event organizers indicated another 30 seats had been made available.

Any questions? See you there! 

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thanks for your kind words and see you there !

Posted by: Loic | Mar 27, 2005 4:13:53 PM

Actually, only 171 places have been paid for and, therefore, confirmed. This means that 79 places are still up for grabs. But, when they're gone, that's it. If you expressed interest and haven't paid, get back to Loic's Wiki and follow the payment link. If you want to participate in this astonishing, for Europe, event, don't hesitate to secure your place.

Posted by: David Tebbutt | Apr 1, 2005 3:16:38 PM

Thanks David, I look forward to meeting you at Les Blogs.

Posted by: Alex de Carvalho | Apr 6, 2005 4:51:53 AM

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