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New to Finnish cuisine?

Apart from the regular stew and potatoes I ate during my compulsory military service in Finland, about 17 years ago, I quite enjoy Finnish cuisine. For the record, my Finnish mates regularly asked me for a few drops from the Tabasco bottle I toted around to add flavor to the otherwise bland rations. Why is army food bland? So as to please most people!

Now there's a new book about Finnish delicacies, with recipes: Chef Gero Hottinger declares love for Finnish cuisine in his new book -Simply Delicious!.

Gero Hottinger has just published a new cookbook about Finnish cuisine called Simply Delicious!. It is an ode to his key philosophy, using local ingredients of the season, rather than flying exotic stuff halfway around the world.

(Via Christian Lindholm.)

You may also learn more about Finnish gastronomy at this great site, Virtual Finland.

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