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BarCampMiami participants and topics

BarCampMiami will be held on February 28th from 4pm to 8pm, in conjunction with the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) Miami conference at the glorious Carnival Center of the performing arts. Since opening the registration last week, about 90 people have signed up. BarCampMiami attendees are entitled to 50% off the price of FOWA Miami and the first 100 get a free tshirt. The FOWA coupon code is available upon signing up for BarCamp.

What topics or services would you like to see presented? A few days after registration was opened, we added a question to the signup form on what types of topics people would like to see presented. Here are the answers:

1. Amazon Web Services  2. Free and Open Source for Geospatial

All kind of topics concerning web applications, mobile servcies, and maybe a little bit of semantic web...

Anything cool about web :-)


Community building and publishing related. Monetization on community sites,  are subscriptions models dead?

development of mobile platforms

Entrepreneurship, Web Design and/or starting and promoting a startup.


Flash Techniques and Animation.  XML integration and a bit of Animation/Cartooning

I will be volunteering with project management.

interface design

landing page optimization  profit models


Microformats, APIs, state of the languages (Django, Rails, etc.), subscription/payment options

monetization of web apps and metrics.

New media. New technology. Art. Music. Software.

new technologies...


Photoshop Design to CSS

rapid app development, .NET libraries, AJAX, dynamically generating .swf files

Ruby on Rails development

Ruby, productivity tools, promoting a healthy technology community in South Florida, office ergonomics, does anyone still use Java anymore?

ruby, rails

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, electronics, robotics, graphic design.

SEM, Social network marketing

Server side and client side frameworks. Internationalization.

social networking, mobile, ventures

usability, information architecture

BarCampMiami presenters. The following people indicate they would like to present:

Alex Hillman Founder/Fearless Leader IndyHall
website: http://www.indyhall.org
blog: http://www.dangerouslyawesome.com
I'd love to present about coworking, if you'll have me!

Blake Macleod Business Development PeopleBubble
website: http://www.peoplebubble.net
I would like to give a demonstration of PeopleBubble, a web app we are developing.

Brian Breslin CEO infinimedia
website: http://www.infinimedia.com
blog: http://webpl.us
Yes. Leveraging the social graph for fun and profit.

Brian Oberkirch Founder Small Good Thing
website: http://brianoberkirch.com
Designing for Portable Social Networks

Chris Saylor Senior Web Developer TodobebÈ
website: http://todobebe.com
blog: http://justhack.com
Possibly on Globalizing Your Web Applications

Christopher Haupt CTO Collective Knowledge Works Inc
website: http://buildingwebapps.com
blog: http://blog.buildingwebapps.com
We just launched BuildingWebApps.com as a service to the Ruby on Rails focused development and design community. Behind the scenes, we are building tech to organize information for communities in niche knowledge domains. Would love to show it to folks and find out what new learners most wish they had (or could point new practitioners to to get them up to speed).

Edward Toro Developer Scrapblog
website: http://www.scrapblog.com
Maybe.  Intro to Adobe Flex? Agile development processes (Scrum)?  IdeaFestival Do-Tank meeting style?

Elliot Murphy hacker Canonical
website: http://canonical.com
blog: http://elliotmurphy.com
Distributed revision control for web developers.

Greg Pederson Director of Technology Nsightdevelpoment.com
website: http://www.nsightdevelopment.com
I can talk about using CSS positioning along with one graphic file that contains all the sites reused images to save space, download times, etc.

Gregg Pollack Code Monkey RailsEnvy
website: http://www.RailsEnvy.com
blog: http://www.RailsEnvy.com
I'd like to do a presentation on Intro to Ruby on Rails.  If there are too many people there already familiar I might switch to a more advanced topic like BDD/RSpec or ActiveRecord.
James Hoskins Software Engineer Avatar International. Inc.Undecided topic

Jason Perry Prime Mover Paint.itRed
website: http://paint.itred.org
blog: http://ambethia.com
Unsure, perhaps in the lightning round if there is one.

Joey Primiani Web Designer Freelance
website: http://www.joeyprimiani.com
blog: http://www.joeyprimiani.com
Yes, I plan to present new ways to visualize live analytics (other than Google Analytics) to get a better idea of what users like on the page. Or the latest (past two months) ajax libraries that include amazing ways for increased user interaction and experience.

John Rife CEO Interactive Expeditions
website: http://www.FindingAmerica.tv
blog: http://www.ALocalFolkus.com
Transmedia Story Creation:  Telling stories with today's tools - but as Ryan Price said above "It's not about the tools"

Joshua Hoskins IT Director OrlandoJobs.com
website: http://www.orlandojobs.com
I would like to, at BarCamp Orlando I presented on GoogleBase. I may do that again or something with Ruby on Rails and Integration.

Kevin Murphy Managing Director Statiksoft, LLC
website: http://statiksoft.com
blog: http://kevinnmurphy.com
Doing a talk on either django templates, or decoupling django apps.

michael galpert C20 A.viary.com
website: http://A.viary.com
blog: http://A.viary.com/blog
deskop software vs online software or something along those lines

Michael Montgomery President Montgomery Studios, Inc.
website: http://montgomerystudios.com
blog: http://michaelmontgomery.net
Yes. Possible topics include web standards or accessibility.

Michael Nunez Founder Suluta Corp
website: http://www.suluta.com
Monetizing your work online.

Nathan Rambeck Founder Rambeck Group
website: http://rambeck.com
blog: http://rambeck.com/blog
Building social networks with Drupal.

Ptah Dunbar Web Designer / Developer 
website: http://ptahdunbar.net
blog: http://ptahdunbar.com
no sure.. I could present a service if possible.

Ron Akanowicz Information Architect Softerware Consulting, PA
website: http://www.softerwareconsulting.com
I Haven't been asked, but could...

Ryan Price Drupal Developer Petentials.com
website: http://petentials.com
blog: http://ryanpricemedia.com
Podcasting is not about Tools

Sean Murphy Web Application Architect Statiksoft, LLC
website: http://statiksoft.com
blog: http://IamSeanMurphy.com
I'd be happy to present on either Comet, or improving user experience with JS form validation.

Tantek «elik   
website: http://tantek.com/
blog: http://tantek.com/
microformats lab - a hands-on lab for folks wanting either an introduction or help with adding microformats to their sites.

Tate Stickles Attorney Grossman Law Group
website: http://www.ecomputerlaw.com
I'd be interested on presenting on a legal topic relating to the interests of other attendees.  Such as protecting intellectual property, privacy, etc.

Tyler Hunt   
website: http://tylerhunt.com/
blog: http://blog.tylerhunt.com/
Possibly something on Amazon FPS.

William Couch Multimedia Artist Orlando Sentinel
website: http://orlandosentinel.com
blog: http://williamcouch.com
Possibly, about prototyping/generating Flash projects quickly for breaking news.

And myself, Alex de Carvalho Community and Marketing Dir. Scrapblog.com
website: http://www.scrapblog.com
blog: http://www.tapio.com
Object-centered sociality

More BarCampMiami participants. Here is the remainder of the participant list. Everyone is welcome to present:

Adam Teece Lead Designer Aberrant Designs, Inc
website: http://adamteece.com
blog: http://aberrantabsurdity.com

Alex Harris Creative Director Alex Designs LLC
website: http://www.alexdesigns.com
blog: http://www.alexdesigns.com/blog/

Alison Wadsworth Research Director Micstura
website: http://www.micstura.com

Allan Branch design/ui less everything, inc
website: http://www.lesseverthing.com
blog: b.lesseverything.com

Bruno Miranda Developer Ninja Todobebe
website: http://www.bopia.com
blog: http://www.brunomiranda.com

Carlos Granier-Phelps Social Media Strategist RED66.com
website: http://red66.com/
blog: http://technosailor.com/category/espanol/

cathy colmenares Sr Director, Integrated Marketing Todobebe Inc.
website: http://todobebe.com
blog: http://mitodobebe.com

Chris Campbell Co-Founder Wufoo
website: http://wufoo.com
blog: http://particletree.com

Cristopher Carillo Owner Tequesta Enterprises
website: http://www.linkspro.com

Daniel Dye 
Daniel Kirsch 
Danny Sanchez Senior Producer Orlando Sentinel
website: http://www.orlandosentinel.com
blog: http://www.journalistopia.com

David Moore Music Teacher Broward Schools
David Parmet Owner Marketing Begins at Home, LLC
website: http://www.parmet.net/pr
blog: http://www.parmet.net/pr

David Rhugnanan Web Desinger Trinity Effects Inc.
website: http://trinityeffects.com

Diego Sanz Web Consultant Sanz Consulting
website: http://brickellmiamicondos.com/real_estate/home/

Eduardo Henriques Managing Partner Micstura
website: http://www.micstura.com

Frank Deoleo 
Giannina Amato Team Leader Nobox
website: http://copywwwriter.wordpress.com/
blog: http://copywwwriter.wordpress.com/

Giovanny Gutierrez Dir. of Interactive Media Tinsley Advertising
website: http://www.tinsley.com
blog: http://www.giogutierrez.com

Guilherme Ambros Digital Solutions Director Wunderman, Young & Rubicam
website: http://www.wunderman.com

Gus Goodall Senior Designer British Army
website: http://www.armynet.mod.uk
blog: http://www.armynet.mod.uk

Gus Goodall Senior Designer British Army
website: http://www.armynet.mod.uk
blog: http://www.armynet.mod.uk

Jason Baptiste CEO Publictivity
website: http://publictivity.com

Jason Hawkins Video guy Make Film Work
website: http://www.makefilmwork.com
blog: http://www.solmi.net

Jennifer Cardew Graduate Student North Texas
website: http://www.twitter.com/jencardew
blog: http://www.anthroblogs.org/jcardew

Jordan Fulghum  Scrapblog
website: http://www.scrapblog.com
blog: http://blog.scrapblog.com

Jorge Perez Director of Marketing Alienware.com
website: http://www.alienware.com

Josue Rodriguez Web Developer
Judson Collier  Macteens Magazine
website: http://macteens.com
blog: http://judsoncollier.com

Justin Tarrants Biz Dev Government
Katie Novak 
ken scott UNIX network security admin prolexic
website: http://www.prolexic.com

Kevin Hale Co-Founder Wufoo
website: http://wufoo.com
blog: http://particletree.com

Kevin Wiesner 
Marco Castro CEO MTEK
website: http://mtek.tv

Marco Castro CEO MTEK
website: http://mtek.tv

Marco Castro 
Maria Bouza Project Manager dotCMS
website: http://www.dotcms.org

Maria de los Angeles Lemus Wily Wordsmith & Rogue Cartoonist Freelance
website: http://wilywordsmith.blogspot.com
blog: http://sexandthebeach.blogspot.com

Matias Blazevic Sr. Copywriter Y&R Brands
website: http://printpreview.wordpress.com/
blog: http://printpreview.wordpress.com/

Meagan Fisher User Interface Designer Helium Report
website: http://www.heliumreport.com
blog: http://www.iheartthe.com/blog

Michael Rose IT Manager
Naomi Butterfield Web Applications Developer ADS
website: http://www.techcfl.com
blog: http://rorblog.techcfl.com/

Nate Roise Founder Magnetic Properties
website: http://www.urbanhoming.com

Nathaniel McNamara Associate HIG Ventures
website: http://www.higventures.com

Nick Dominguez   
website: http://www.nickdominguez.com
blog: http://nickdominguez.com

Nicolas Scafuro Latam Search Manager Yahoo Inc.
website: http://www.yahoo.com

Pablo Godel 
Paul Kruger PHP Consultant Speeduneed Inc
website: http://miamiphp.org

Rick Bartl Managing Director, Marketing FedEx
website: http://www.fedex.com

Robert Meireles 
Roberto Bouza 
Ryan Campbell Co-Founder Wufoo
website: http://wufoo.com
blog: http://particletree.com

Stani Henriques Art Director Micstura
website: http://www.micstura.com

Steven Bristol programmer Less Everything, inc.
website: http://www.lesseverything.com
blog: b.lesseverything.com

Tim Spence Senior .NET Developer Scrapblog
website: http://scrapblog.com
blog: http://blog.scrapblog.com

Timothy Kersey   
website: http://www.twitter.com/entangledstate
blog: http://friendfeed.com/entangledstate

Zac Brown Programmer N/A
website: http://zacbrown.org
blog: http://blog.zacbrown.org

BarCampMiami is made possible through the generous contribution of our sponsors:

Ourscene: http://www.ourscene.com
FunAdvice: http://www.funadvice.com
Global Roaming: http://www.celtrek.com
Less Everything: http://www.lesseverything.com
RailsEnvy: http://www.railsenvy.com
The Boaters: http://www.theboaters.com
Myxer: http://www.myxertones.com
ServerGrove Networks: http://www.servergrove.com
DC Media Graphics: http://www.dcmediagraphics.com
infinimedia: http://www.infinimedia.com
Hyku: http://www.hyku.com
Victoria & Associates: http://www.victoriaassociates.com
Todobebe: http://www.todobebe.com
Scrapblog: http://www.scrapblog.com

And our partners!:

FOWA: http://www.futureofwebapps.com
RefreshMiami: http://www.refreshmiami.org

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