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MIT Enterprise Forum Florida Web 2.0 Event

MIT Forum hosted at UM
MIT Forum hosted at UM,
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The University of Miami Business School hosted an MIT Enterprise Forum Florida event on the Web 2.0. (http://www.mitforumfl.org/events/calendar.cfm?id=35).

The speakers were:

The event started with a 7-minute presentation by each speaker followed by a moderated panel discussion and Q&A session.

Jason Baptiste presented Publictivity. Frank Aster is the Co-founder and David Cann the lead developer.

The four pillars of Publictivity:

- a beautiful interface
- collaboration
- web 2.0 grows up
- PR specific functions

Jason gave the first public demo of Publictivity. This is a hosted enterprise collaboration platform which includes the following features and functionalities. This is not an exhaustive list:

- calendar system with links to contacts and parsing of dates
- to-do system
- file uploader and storage
- internal chat system
- collaborative word processor / wiki
- social bookmarking with bookmarklet for the browser
- RSS subscriptions on search terms
- graphical representations
- clipbooks : results of PR campaigns

The user interface is indeed very nice and there is ajax everywhere. Publictivity is coming soon and is due to launch in the next 60 days. They will offer a 2 month free-trial period. The idea is to make it affordable to everyone

Carlos Garcia presented Scrapblog*, a free, web-based service that allows everyday people to create and share multimedia scrapbooks. Users can mix their photos, videos, audio, text and a bunch of creative elements in an environment that is truly drag-and-drop easy. Scrapblog has been developed using the latest Flex development tools and has been self-funded for the last two years. Carlos completed the first round of financing yesterday with Longworth Ventures.

Leonard Boord introduced The Gorb in a very compelling presentation, where he ran through 119 slides in 7 minutes! Caleb from uSnacks helped put the presentation together, which was about “You, Bob and The Gorb”. In a nutshell, “our imperfections make us unique” and The Gorb leverages the power of anonymity, community and consensus to provide the reputation of individuals. The Gorb’s team focused on creating a very clean interface, with a “monster algorithm under the hood”.

How do you rate someone? All you need is an email address. Note that everyone has optional and non-optional e-mail addresses. Generally, non-optional e-mail addresses, such as the ones provided by your workplace, often follow the same format with the domain name. So by aggregating the ratings of everyone in such domains, it is possible to compare the reputation of one company versus another.

The Gorb may have a significant impact on local search as well. Currently, local searches are based on proximity. If you’re looking for a dentist, for instance, you will get the location of them on a map. However, you may want to visit the best dentist in your area, and not just the one that’s closest to you. The Gorb’s reputation system is ideally suited for this.

How about negative criticism? Well, if you receive negative criticism, you may respond to it. Generally, the way you handle criticism reveals more about who you are as a human being. Also, the community can reject negative criticisms. Finally, the monster algorithm eats up people who give too many negative criticisms ;)

Peter Pezaris spoke about Multiply as well as his earlier successes. Most significantly, he had started Sportsline with 4 other developers who invested $2,000 each, bootstrapped it, then sold it some years later for $46m to CBS Sportiline.com. Multiply is about sharing stuff with those you know, and not with the whole world. The Multiply social network has grown to nearly 5 million users.

Jason Gorham presented CareerMetaSearch.com, a passive candidate search technology that allows employers and recruiters to find the best-qualified candidates, faster and more cost effectively than conventional methods. They provide a system that targets passive candidates who may not even be looking for a change and converts them into job applicants. This provides hiring managers with fewer but much better qualified candidates.

Overall, this was a good event. More pictures here.

*NB: I work at scrapblog.com

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