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classic hollywood moment

classic hollywood moment, originally uploaded by alex*c.

If you've followed this link, thanks for stopping by. You may want to see the other cartoons Hugh drew that night.

From what I hear, it's been challenging to organize blogger/geek dinners in Miami, for reasons I won't go into (I've read all the posts and comments). Somehow we got past the cynicism and understood that "Love and goodwill are driving this revolution. The selfish will be left behind."

Because when you look past the local politics and the flash of ZIP 33139, aka South Beach, you'll find real people that care, that are friendly, that want to make a difference, that want to do the right thing. And so it was that night, when we got together, had a good chat, drank some mojitos and caipirinhas and dug in to some good pasta and pizza, all in the coziness of the back porch of the Margherita Regina restaurant on Lincoln Road. We were joined by Chris Saylor, Caleb Elston, Brian Breslin, Maria, Gus and Michelle Moore, Cristina, Frank Astor, Jason Baptiste, Carlos Garcia, Jorge Barroso, Leonard Boord, Jason Korman and Hugh.

Our dinner was organized quickly, in 48 hours, using Upcoming.org, RefreshMiami.org and a couple of local blogs. I also posted to Craigslist but I don't think that made a difference. Brian helped a lot by posting to RefreshMiami. The idea was to get together, meet Hugh MacLeod and meet other local bloggers. Stormhoek tried to get wine, but 36 hours was too short notice to get the bottles.

We'd like to thank Jason of Stormhoek.com, Leonard of TheGorb.com, and Carlos of Scrapblog.com, my employer, for sponsoring the event and footing the bill.

Anyway, Gapingvoid is one of the world's top blogs and it feels like I just got my 15 minutes of blogging fame ;) Thank you for stopping by. Leave me a comment and I'll come by your site.

Don't know Gapingvoid? Go read it. Now.

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I've had lots of chats in the past week that tie so well into the sentiment of "the foolish will be left behind." That is beyond perfect as a way to sum it up. Glad to see bloggers in any city getting together!

Posted by: Christine | Mar 21, 2007 11:06:22 PM

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