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batten down the hatches!

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even the memorable moments in your life pile up, when placed next to each other, like a stack of pictures ... and of those, which moments really stand out?

Scrapblog had been TechCrunched before, but not like this: The Real Scrapblog is Here ... Finally. Previously, either we were still open with the first version, or we had put on the "bubble wrap" as we prepared for launch.

Except, of course, we haven't launched yet!

We had been handing out a preview URL (www.scrapblog.com/preview) to friends and previous users of Scrapblog, to help us kick the tires, adjust the mirrors and rev up the engine before we got on the highway.

Despite our plans, it didn't quite work out that way and once TechCrunch posted URL, bloggers picked it up and word started to get out.

At this point, our advisors, including Shel, David and Tara, and our peers, including Jeremiah, Hyku, Douglas Karr, and Ryan Stewart pitched in with their respective megaphones to point out that we're still tidying up around here ;)

Lost in this excitement was a bit of heroism by our developers, who had already been pushed to the max. As  Tara and Ryan
describe, Omar and his team stepped up to the plate to collaborate with Adobe's Apollo team, who wanted to demo a kick-ass application. Since Scrapblog is built in Flex, Omar downloaded the Apollo SDK and stitched together a demoable application for the platform.

With a bit more work, we can be ready for Apollo, which totally rocks. It's a bit early, but it'll be great to support mobile and wireless platforms, including laptops, and to be able to work on scrapblogs, presentations and slideshows on the browser, without being connected to the internet.

As a bonus, it runs on the laptop as well and now we can demo Scrapblog without being connected ;)

,,, to be continued ...

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Some amazing work!

Posted by: Doug Karr | Mar 30, 2007 7:36:25 AM

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