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BarCamp Miami Memories and Recap

BarCamp Miami came and went but the memories remain excellent.

Before talking about the event, though, a very well deserved round of gratitude is due:

So how did the event go? Douglas Hanks from The Miami Herald wrote about us in the Business section:

So it goes at BarCamp, a sort of viral convention with no schedule, featured speakers, or agenda until the attendees themselves create one. For South Florida's first BarCamp, organizer Alex de Carvalho posted a notice on blogs he and his friends run, as well as a collaborative ''wiki'' Web page dedicated to BarCamps held around the world.

And from this "viral" word of mouth, about  60 people showed up.  The format of BarCamp is "open-source" in the sense that anyone can present and indeed everyone is encouraged to participate. We had three areas with projectors and four time slots to present, and of these twelve slots, 11 got filled in:

  1. Mike Gibaldi talked about Businesswire.com's new "social media" and search engine optimized press release offering
  2. Michael Froomkin presented the security and privacy challenges of getting municipal wi-fi in Miami-Dade. Now's the time to get involved to avoid restrictions on your access to wi-fi!
  3. Ruben Duque created digital graffiti with a laser pointer!
  4. David Hoff drove from Naples to present IMified, which helps you manage everything through your IM client (and then he drove back!)
  5. The Calleiro brothers demoed ourscene.com
  6. Leonard Boord presented The Gorb reputation manager
  7. Nick Dominguez and Ant Bryan spoke about an enhanced download standard for bittorrent, metalink
  8. Donald Llopis presented python and pygame for rapid prototyping of video games
  9. Caleb Elston spoke about usnacks.com, which helps busy college students buy their snacks
  10. Tim Hoyt showed us picturemarketing.com while Cortney Mills took our pictures
  11. I gave a live demo of  Scrapblog.com. We offer a rich, enhanced photo and video sharing experience and will launch in three weeks

Update: Blaine Zuver presented as well. He spoke about ArcticTropic Blog and Metroblogging Miami

Besides the presenters listed above and people mentioned earlier, I also met and spoke to Benjamin Li, Jason L. Baptiste, Francisco Martin, Maria de los Angeles Lemus, Danay, Jackie Paz, Caleb Elston, Blaine Zuver, Denise R. Jacobs, Jorge Barroso and Eduardo Henriques.

We are also grateful that some venture capitalists showed up, including from Longworth, Aurora Ventures and H.I.G. This is very reassuring and I hope we'll see you participate in future events.

What's next? We hope to do another BarCamp soon. How soon? It's up to you. And who's "we"? It could be anyone. BarCamps can be run on any theme and anyone can take the initiative. And if anyone would like to do another BarCamp Miami on web/tech/design, please do so. The BarCamp wiki is open to all and the BarCampMiami blog is open to more authors.

We would also like to create a more formal conference, called webpl.us. Why more formal? Because we would like to have speakers from across the US, from Europe and from Latin America present, and when you fly in people and pay for their hotels, you need to ensure attendance, cover your costs and provide your speakers with a forum.

Which brings us back to running a BarCamp. The experience is exhilarating and there is a definite adrenalin rush to organizing one, and it stays in your system. Why? Because after all the preparation, you really don't know if anyone is going to show up ... and BarCamps are all about people.

And everyone that showed up have each other to thank for making the event so enjoyable.

See you soon, I hope!

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