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What's wrong with PR?

Refreshmiamilogo Geektastik Monica Betancourt, Technology Geek for the Max Borges Agency, will speak about "PR 2.0" for RefreshMiami and the UM PRSSA at what promises to be a well-attended event at the UM SoC Common Grounds Courtyard.

Don't know what's wrong with PR? Then please read Stowe Boyd's great rant on PR in "Enough Already: Getting Social Media All Wrong":

  • Please, please, please don't talk about audiences when you are theoretically promoting social media.
  • Blogging is not just another channel for corporate marketing types to push their messages to markets, eyballs, or audiences.
  • the excessive hyperbole and surfeit of superlatives of press releases is distasteful at the least, and demeaning at the most.
  • And it's painful to see leading lights in the new PR era acting as apologists for large, slow-moving, risk averse companies who continue to get it wrong.
  • School your clients to do the right thing, not just wrap themselves in a bunch of psychobabble about social interaction with their "communities" without actually adopting a new mindset.

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