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Brazil: challenges ahead

Tue 18/10/2005 15:12 Forum on the sustainability of Brazil's economic growth
Tue 18/10/2005 15:12 Forum on the sustainability of Brazil's economic growth

Quick summary of a day-long forum on the political, fiscal and monetary policies, choices and issues in sustaining economic growth in Brazil:

- Growth has been strong but has not matched 'Asian Tigers' levels;
- Despite social advances, much remains to be done to reduce inequalities and major reform is needed in the pensions system, which is skewed in favor of the riches classes;
- The numerous regulatory agencies need to professionalize, gain their independence and coordinate their policies better;
-  And the country's industrial and service sectors find themselves hampered in trade negotiations by Brazil's great success and power in agribusiness. 

However, the outlook is positive and in particular, the economy has hardly flinched in face of current political problems, mainly because of the sound policies in place.

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