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Brazil Economic Forum

My most recent posts can be found at FranceBrazil, including photos from the Brazil Economic Forum held at the Palais de Congres yesterday on 14/4/05 and from Paris Blogue t'il ? at l'Entrepot on 13/4/05. I'll update I have updated the post this weekend.

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é um detalhezinho, mas o link para este site, no FranceBrazil esta errado (acho que o "www." é demais...).

Posted by: ess | Apr 15, 2005 3:48:48 PM

obrigado, vou ver no meu "domain name registrar" ...
perdi o filme, vou la neste fds.
até breve!

Posted by: Alex de Carvalho | Apr 15, 2005 4:00:12 PM

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